Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bunny Sachets in Hidding!!

So, today I hatched a grand idea to make up a whole bunch of my lil bunny sachets, attatch my business cards on them and hide them around the town my family and I now live in!  I havent actually gotten all of that achieved but I am on my way!  My sweet daughter placed my "whoops" in many places in our yard and had me take pictures of it for ideas! She is so cute and 4 so you could only imagine!!
This lil bunny is filled with only flax seed as it was my "try-out".  I plan to fill some with lavender, roses and other smell goods!!  Not sure what all I could do but the choices are clearly endless!!  I will have some of these cute little guys up for sale on my studio here soon, where you could purchase two different sizes and an endless list of colors (of your choice, of course!!) 

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