Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hooded Scarf

My sweet baby girl in the reversable hooded scarf I made! Soo cute and soo easy to make as well! All you need is two yards of matching fabric, I used cotton here but you can use just about anything to make one.  Directions:  Find two yards, (one yard each chosen color.)  Your pattern which consists of two seperate pieces: the hood piece and the scarf piece.  The scarf piece measures 6 1/2x19" for adult and 6x17" for child.  The hood piece measures: 13" (front opening) 12" (bottom measurement) 21" (the full curve of the back of the hood.)  Cut the scarf part by placing one small end on the fold of the fabric.  Cut two scarf pieces from each color of chosen fabric.  After you have the hood part in pattern form cut two from each chosen color as well! You should have eight pieces total.
Sew the hood part together first because you sew the hood part to the scarf as you sew the top part of the scarf.  After the hood is sewn, sew the scarf pieces of the same color together, you will use the center seam in the scarf as a referal for hood placement.  Pin the hood to the center seam of the scarf (right sides together.)  sew all components together, making sure to leave a place to turn right side out.  Once all that is finished, turn right side out.  Top stitch everything edge so you get a cleaner look!  If needed press edges with a steam iron briefly to create a crisp edge to sew.  It should look like the above pictures!  Always add your own little twist to your creations so they are truely your own creation!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New to this

hmmmm not quite sure how this works but I am sure gonna take a crack at it! haha!  I figured that this photo of mine shows the bright new blogging world im getting into!  I hope I can do well at this, at very least it will give me something to do!